Biblical Numerology: NUMBER SEVEN – Part 3

God’s Expanded Number 7 Plan


“And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there shall be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of sorrows.”-

Jesus Christ to His disciples, Matthew 24: 6, 7, N.K.J.V.

Americans celebrated, many in the same modern hedonistic spirit of other holiday celebrations and festivities, “eating, drinking, and surfeiting” as the antediluvians did just before the Flood but with special emphasis on gorging on unhealthy (non-vegetarian) hot dogs and gleefully watching their hard-earned dollars literally go up in flames they themselves lit in—fireworks—while this, according to the Hunger Project, is  the stomach-churning reality taking place in the midst of the food glut in America, the world’s largest Christian nation:

World Population: 7 + billion

World Hunger: 795 million people—or 1 out of 9 people in the world—do not have

                              enough to eat.

                             98% of the world’s undernourished people live in developing countries

 Where is hunger the worst??

                            Asia: 525.6 million

                            Sub-Saharan Africa: 214 million

                            Latin America and Caribbean: 37 million


If one can still muster up the true Independence Day celebratory spirit—of what is left of it that isn’t corrupted—it is only reviewing its primordial origins and pristine principles of gaining independence and freedom from kingly power of secular despots and priestly intolerance, bigotry, and hypocrisy of state churches who employed force and persecution in order to “enforce her decrees and sustain her institutions.” Many Christians decry the Islamic sharia law but are strangely silent and even defensive when the bare facts of the horrible history of the church are revealed to them,—which prophecy warns will be repeated in the last days. We are rapidly approaching that time.

Speaking of hot dogs, according to latest research from the Nielsen Company, U.S. consumers are expected to purchase 110 million pounds or $ 2151 million worth of hot dogs during the 4 week period surrounding the holiday. This holiday generates the greatest hotdog sales for the entire year . . . So no surprise here, but the National Hotdog Council says three fourths of Americans associate hotdogs more with the Fourth of July than with any other holiday.” – Yahoo Answers. So, in this shallow sense, as Thanksgiving Day with its original profound significance of sacred and secular history of American exceptionalism, has morphed into “Turkey Day,” so has Independence Day become “Hot Dog Day.” I hope all will do their part to helping preserve the true ideals of these holidays! They have everything to do with our peace, prosperity, and salvation!


On fireworks, “$ 675 million [is the] expected total sales of fireworks in the U.S. in celebration of July 4, this year, according to the American Pyrotechnic Association. That figure would represent a $ 13 million increase over last year, and $ 75 million more than total sales of 2006.”-

For me, all the excitement generated by fireworks display has lost its celebratory flair and flare. Many of our Filipino-American readers still remember those days in the Philippines when the New Year was ushered in with firecrackers and fireworks by more-often-than-not besotted revelers. It sounded like a war zone. The skies seemed ablaze. Heavy smoke and the acrid smell of gunpowder choked the atmosphere.

Soot covered your hair, face, and clothes. Even before the next day dawned the newspapers and radio newscasters were all over themselves reporting the ghastly toll: scores of revelers and bystanders lost their eyesight, limbs, appendages, and lives. Hospitals were swamped with children and older people in various states of injuries. What was supposed to usher in a “prosperous, happy, and healthy new year” started them off in the exact opposite, devastating direction.   And they never seem to learn—this is perhaps the more sobering observation one can objectively make of these blindness and stubbornness.

On the other hand, these celebratory fireworks are a reminder that live fire is actually detonating in bombs and artillery fired from high-tech, high-power guns, modern fantasy-like tanks, surface-to-air missiles (SAMS), barrel-bombing and chemical warfare (both banned under the___Agrement, and the more traditional hand-to-hand combats are talking the lives of both combatants and innocent non-combatants described as  collateral damage in many battlefronts, small or large, at this very moment.

increasingly-strained relations and loyalties among the member-nations of the EEU, highlighted by the contentious and still-smoldering Brexit;  the escalation of conflicts between the Islamic, oil-rich Middle Eastern kingdoms of Syria, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia , Quatar, etc., with Syria and the [allegedly declining] ISIS still the current flash points with America, Russia, and China the current global triad centers who are jockeying for global military, political, and financial superpower status, shaping  and orchestrating the tight-wire act of shaping the world order and its re-ordering its divisions and boundaries by sea, land, and air. Central to this is the old yet proven strategies of: divide-and-conquer and the Hegelian dictum of thesis, antithesis, synthesis (or simply put: create the problem, prepare the solution, control the situation).

Here in the US:  the rapid rise of Islamaphobia, unprecedented ongoing twitter-war between the POTUS and the news media, particularly CNN, and the other institutions of the democratic republic.  Then the American public has yet to be finally informed with the definitive findings of the headed retired FBI chief Robert Muller’s determination as to the role and extent that the Russian government (and possibly including now the involvement of Russian criminal enterprises in the 2016 hacking and interference in the American electoral process.).

The “rogue regime” of feisty North Korea and its apparent bold defiance against the superpowers by pushing ahead its nuclear-capability-testing program, stoking the fires of heightened tensions in the region and even in America.  And yet Judy Woodruff of the respected PBS NewsHour reported on the July 3 news broadcast that a survey showed that only 70 percent of Americans citizens know what year Independence Day was first officially declared and from what country America gained independence from. Some said Syria, Japan, Germany, etc., etc.!

Is World War 3 Around the Corner?    

See the following on the internet and compare its assertions to the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation:


      “World War 3: Breitbart News’ Steve Bannon Claimed War with China on the Horizon.”Zachary Volkert wrote: “Before Steve Bannon had the ear of Donald Trump, he was the face of self-proclaimed ‘voice of the alt-right’ Breitbart News. With that platform, once prediction he made was that World War 3 with China was just around the corner.

      “In March 2016, on his SirusXM program Bretibart News Daily, Steve discussed growing tensions in the South China Sea between the Asian superpower and the rest of the world. Bannon argued that a war was brewing, one that would take off within the decade.”. Steve Bannon is currently White House Chief Strategist for President Donald Trump.

 Underscoring the vital importance of knowing for himself through daily study of the Bible, persevering prayer for wisdom and grace, and pleading for the Holy Spirit to teach oneself, particularly the all-encompassing “present-truth doctrines, also known as the “foundation truths” or “fundamental pillars of the faith” of the remnant church of prophecy in these closing hours of earth’s probation, described by John as the last and seventh commandment-and-faith-of Jesus keeping “saints,” these fundamental doctrinal pillars may be listed as:

1.      The second advent of Christ.

2.      The binding claims of the Ten Commandments, including the observance of the seventh-day Sabbath and the perpetuity of God’s law.

3.       The third angel’s message in its fullness, in correct relationship to the first and second angels’ messages (of Rev. 14).

4.      The ministry of Christ in the heavenly sanctuary [temple, or tabernacle, too], which ministry would cease shortly before the Second Advent (with emphasis on the work beginning the tenth day of the seventh month, 1844).

5.      The non-immortality of the soul.


Now, back to the topic: “World War III & Pole Shift by 2017 June 19, 2014 by John the Baptist (pseudonym): Citing Isaiah 54: 10, Catholic Father Malachi Martin, in his book, The Decline and Fall of the Roman Church:

      “Evidently, according to this author, Malachi Martin reported that the third secret of Fatima was ultimately the Rev. 16: 12 ‘pole shift’ and the First Trumpet CME (solar flare). The most amazing part is that this is reportedly to happen by 2017. [itals mine]. Fatima author Father Malachi Martin has said that ‘the third secret’ is your worst nightmare, multiplied exponentially.”

      “In an interview with Art Bell in 1997, he explained that ‘I was shown the Text of the Third Secret in February 1960. I cooled my heels. In the corridor outside the Holy Father’s apartments, while my Boss, Cardinal Bea, was inside debating with the Holy Father (Pope John XXIII), and with another group of other bishops and priests, the two young Portuguese seminarians, who translated the letter, a single page, written in Portuguese……on the content of the Third Secret, Sister Lucy one day replied: ‘It’s in the Gospel, and in the Apocalypse, read them.’ We even know that one day Lucy indicated Chapters 8, 13 of the Apocalypse.

      “Father Martin said of the fulfillment of the Third Secret that these events are ‘not 200 years away, it is not 50 years away, it is not 20 years away….’ He expressed the view that the major portions of the end times events would be underway before the centennial of the Marian apparitions (before May 13, 1017).”

It’s already July 7, 2017, dear friends! If we only humbly study and accept the true exposition of the seven churches, seven trumpets, seven seals, and seven last plagues in the light of the third’s angel’s message which is founded on the sanctuary message and the 2300-day prophecy of Daniel 8: 14—the longest time prophecy that ended in October 14, 1844, and the commencement of Christ’s closing work as Mediator and Judge in the most holy of the heavenly sanctuary, we wouldn’t be misled and confused by all the confusing counterfeits that are “coming in like a flood” (Isa 59: 19). .

This is why we are focusing on  these series on Biblical Numbers! The necessity of studying the context and association: “Every passage of Scripture has to be studied in the light of its context and associations. Care needs to be exercised that that the symbols of Scripture be interpreted according to Biblical rules.” (Continued next week)

Source: hunger-poverty


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