The tenth day of the seventh month: Sept. 23 or Oct. 22?


“Conditional prophecy is when the fulfillment is dependent on the compliance of those to whom the promise is made, with the conditions on which it is given.”

– Sylvester Bliss, “Commentary on the Apocalypse,” pp. 7.

WHEN is the Day of Atonement, commonly known as Yom Kippur?  It depends on what calendar one is following: the Rabbbinical Calendar which is based on the Oral Tradition or the Karaite Calendar which is based on the written text.

It is vital to remember that Jesus himself and all His disciples and apostles presented and defended the truth of the gospel based on “it is written,” not “spoken,” though they came by way of spoken voice of the invisible God or by the inspiration of the invisible Holy Spirit, the third Person of the Godhead. Read more