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The Fall of Angels and the Fall of Man Contrasted

Friday Morning Manna  
                     June 14, 2019

Nathaniel Fajardo


The Fall of Angels and the Fall of Man Contrasted

Human nature is made of flesh and blood, not of spirit, as angels with angel nature were. The crowning act of creation, having been made in the image and likeness of the Creator, man in human nature was endowed with a rational mind, an intelligent will, “the governing power in the nature of man.” It is the power to intellectually and spiritually perceive/discern between right from wrong, good from evil and then to act upon that determination as a matter of conviction, voluntarily, willingly, and then through constant practice, spontaneously.

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Study for the Month of May 2010: Water & Blood (Page 4)

Let us recap the important details of what it means to eat the flesh and drink the blood of Christ:

  • We must receive Him as a personal Savior. Personal is not vicariously but personally.
  • We must believe that He alone can, and will fully and freely forgives us all our sins that we confess and repent from. However, it is not enough to believe in the forgiveness of sin; by faith we must be constantly receiving spiritual strength and nourishment from Him through His Word.
  • We must believe that we are complete in Him—not in and through any one, any other means or not in anything we can do.
  • We must be constantly beholding and contemplating His love. This alone is a struggle in itself for a thousand faces, personalities, topics, and activities vie for our attention!
  • A theoretical knowledge will do us no good. We must feed upon Him, receive Him into the heart—so that His life becomes our life—by assimilating His love and His grace. Few ever view the gospel work on earth as having for its goal Christ’s life becoming ours; that is, we live the kind of life that He lived on earth!
  • Following the example modeled by Christ, the living Word, the principles of God’s Word and His law must be assimilated so that it becomes the motive power of our life and actions.

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Study for the Month of May 2010: Water & Blood (Page 3)

2. The Importance of and Uses of Blood

SDA Dictionary, Commentary Reference Series, Volume 8, p. 149, 95 says:

“Blood. The Hebrew dam; Greek haina. The vital fluid circulating through the body, carrying nourishment and oxygen to all parts of the body and carrying off waste products to be excreted (Lev. 17:11, 14; Deut. 12: 23). The ancients were unaware of these detailed functions, but they recognized that the blood was closely connected with life. The Law declared, “For the life of the flesh is in the blood” (Lev. 17:11). The ancients were forbidden to eat blood (Gen. 9: 3, 4; Lev. 17: 10-14; Acts 15: 20, 29). This prohibition doubtless had a hygienic basis, but may have been designed to have instructional value as well. The most significant use of blood in Old Testament times was in the sacrificial services and more largely in the sanctuary services.

The shed blood foreshadowed the blood of Christ, the priceless life of the Son of God that was to be sacrificed as the only hope of a fallen and doomed race (1 Cor. 10:16; Eph. 2:13; Heb. 9:14; 10:19; 1 Pet. 1: 2, 19; Rev. 12:11). Salvation through the blood of Christ is the central theme of the gospel (Rom. 3:25; 5:9; Eph. 1:7; Col. 1:20; Heb. 9:22; Rev. 1:5, etc).” Read more

Study for the Month of May 2010: Water & Blood (Page 2)

1. The Importance of and Uses of Water

Water is the universal solvent and is the only one there will ever be. It cannot be recreated or duplicated. There is no such thing as synthetic water. And the water that was brought forth by God in the beginning is the same water that we have today on earth only as polluted as man and his foolishness and greed have made it since the fall. And yet God still preserves enough good water to drink and blesses man with knowledge and skill to produce devices to purify water from toxins and infuse it with the proper minerals and ions to help the body heal.

It is true that without water there can be no life. However, this primordial and universal truth, unless viewed from Biblical Creation, leads the wisdom of this world to look for life outside of the Life-giver Himself and search for it somewhere in the universe. Billions of dollars, energy, effort, and probation time have been wasted sending up men and space probes looking for the origin of life or the presence of it in the arid planets by the “evidence that water once existed in some form” when that money and resources should have, could have been used to relieve the needs and suffering of countless millions right here on earth! O what folly! Indeed the wisdom of men is foolishness to God! Read more

Study for the Month of May 2010: Water & Blood

Study for the Month, May, 2010

 Water & Blood


The Physical/Natural Laws, Part III

 By Nathaniel Fajardo



“THEN they came and broke the legs of the first and of the other who was crucified with Him. But when they came to Jesus and saw that He was already dead, they did not break His legs. But one of the soldiers pierced His side with a spear, and immediately blood and water came out.” John 19: 33, 34, N.K.J.V.   


In the plan of salvation water and blood are the means of forgiveness, purification, and redemption of the penitent sinner. Even in the physical realm the inextricably-linked relation of blood and water is established as this interesting quote says: Read more